Monday, August 18, 2008

depthCORE :: Digital to the Core

International Digital Art & Design Group

depthCORE is an international art collective focused on modern and abstract art, incorporating design, photography, animation and audio. Established by Justin Maller and Kevin Stacey in 2002, our membership is comprised of artists of all ages from all locations around the world and all walks of life, united by their love for art, and their passion for innovation. The group was established to provide a showcase for the best in modern craftsmanship, with the primary goals of breaking design conventions and pushing the boundaries of artwork created or enhanced digitally. In a medium inundated with repetition we aim to bring something unique and innovative with every release we put forth, as we illustrate, orchestrate and visually represent the thoughts, hopes and dreams of all corners of the globe.

All images shown are property of the owner and depthCORE, LLC. Above: "Idio" by Phil Dune and "Let Go" by Mike Harrison.

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