Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mike Rea

Mike Rea is an artist/sculptor featured in the latest issue of Hi Fructose. I thought these images of his work were too good to keep to myself. The time and craftsmanship that go into these pieces must be off the chart. His website divides his work into the categories space, aquatic, rock & roll, war. Be sure to watch the video in the "rock & roll" section. It appears that the instruments are actually functional but after reading his artist statement (which is attached below because it's too good not to share) I think they are just putting on a good show. Genius and hilarious at the same time.
Mike Rea Artist Statement
Standing on the shoulders of other people's dreams could perhaps be the most pathetic of all dreams. The intent of my work is to create something short of its outcome. My goal is to create the idea of an object that remains a dream. The objects I create are based on fictions, rather than realities. I have always been interested in the ephemeral worlds established in film, or even in popular culture. Fictions or established hearsay allow for a flawed interpretation, which leads to a flawed result. The sublime is unattainable, and not an option. I further amplify this experience by only using my memory to construct my images. Failure is imminent. I find humor allows me to enjoy this experience, and I in turn build humor into the worlds established by my work. I have chosen to depict these states with unfinished wood, and other materials which convey a sense of the temporal. I find the beauty in life lies in between moments. My work offers a sense of what could be and what could never be simultaneously.

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