Sunday, August 24, 2008

Samia Says

Samia Saleem, currently in exile from L’isle d’Orleans, resides in the borough of Brooklyn, a mere train-ride from the belly of the beast. She is a visual designer with focus on web and interactive projects and has worked for companies large and small across the globe. Samia was spotlighted in the Jan/Feb 2008 Communication Arts’ Fresh section. Her work has also been featured in Beautiful Decay’s Anthology, Curvy and Design is Kinky. In 2007 she self-published a post-Katrina postcard anthology entitled Degrees of Separation (shown above).

Her website is well designed with a large amount of selections from her portfolio. Phenomenal style! To me, it has a slightly feminine feel but with a definite edge. Very diverse portfolio as well.

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kevin said...

i thought the first one was you.