Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cute Alert! babyfirst

Saw these Sanrio-esque babyfirst logos in a magazine and thought they were cute. I think the designer did a nice job of carrying out one common element while customizing each logo. Some are more successful that others. The United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, and United States versions are adorable, but the Italian version reminds me of a frog holding a pizza. A little odd but the chef theme somewhat makes up for the lapse in color choice. I do find the "safety" logo with the pin going through the little baby's head a bit ironic but overall these are nicely done. Bravo babyfirst! get a website! Seriously, who puts out this quality of logo design and has no website? I'm probably just having a dumb moment but when I Google the company I get a UK site about laundry service for "nappies". 

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