Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Russ Mills

From Top: Aeonium. Bitter Blasphemy. Hoya Carnosa.

These are a few images from the online gallery of UK Artist/Illustrator Russ Mills. Mills studied Illustration at Leeds Met. University and specialised in experimental film/animation. A majority of the work has a point of detailed focus that radiates a frenetic energy through the movement away from that focal point. His color palate provokes an emotional response as well. The red is so striking, like blood from a gunshot wound. It's beautiful yet disturbing, which I think sums up my personal preference in terms of subject matter.

In the Fact & Questions section of the site he describes a his methods and materials:
For my Graphic work I compile as much source material as possible in the form of textures, random marks and scribbles etc and scan it all, the primary image is drawn and also scanned. I then manipulate the constituent parts on the computer, I keep the amount of layers to a bare minimum so the results are as spontaneous as possible. I don't use any filters at all to keep the 'digital' nature of the image to a minimum.

Prints are available from the online store.

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