Monday, November 10, 2008

Alice by Ji

Today, at the end of my workday, I had a rare moment of clarity where I wasn't running around like a maniac trying to do 10 things at once so I decided to Google Alice. I stumbled upon these Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Korean artist Kim Min Ji. When I first laid my eyes on these my pupils turned into tiny red hearts and I fell in love at first sight. These illustrations are so very beautiful they make me borderline giddy.

I especially love Alice’s short red hair which gave me an idea...this would be the perfect Halloween costume for Miss Cheeks in 09. Next year could be my Halloween triumph! By then I'll be 30, which means soon I'll have to grow up and become a responsible adult who no longer participates in holidays for children. My first thought is if I start recruiting people now I could have the whole Wonderland entourage! I'm now taking applications for the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and the Cheshire Cat. Those who apply after these positions have already been filled will be forced into dressing as either Tweedledum or Tweedledee. Last person to apply has to be Humpty Dumpty.

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Anonymous said...

Who said you have to become a total "responsible adult" at 30.
You can still enjoy any "childish" holiday at any age.