Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who's loves the Boss?!

I used to date this guy a few years ago that was obsessed with Bruce Springsteen. I think he just wanted to date me because I have red hair like Bruce's main squeeze (or ex main squeeze if I remember correctly). My dad always liked Bruce when I was a kid so at the time I secretly liked him but pretended to hate him. We got along like oil and water back then. Now, I can really appreciate Bruce and it's not because he did a song about Youngstown.

To me, the best music is when someone is singing and you can just feel how in that moment they are. Emotionally committed and putting it all out there on display. It's like the energy is just oozing out of every little pore in their body.

So now I'm ready to come clean. Yes, I like Bruce Springsteen.

And back in the Asbury Park stocking cap days... damn he was fine.

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