Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peaches on GMPD

The January 09 issue of Nylon had a music review by Peaches Geldof. It featured “the music and fashion she’s most excited about for the new year.” One of the bands she listed as “doing it for me at the moment” is none other than Youngstown's own Gil Mantera’s Party Dream. I found her description somewhat amusing...

Their live sets often involve this ludicrously named band’s two out-of-shape frontmen doing push-ups, dancing like embarrassing dads, and pretending to fellate their keyboards. So if you like drunken dudes in shiny gold thongs berating audiences and pouring beer on each other while miming badly to cheesy 80’s backing tracks, then this band is for you.

If you feelin’ like a pimp Gil, go and brush your shoulders off.

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