Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New McGinness

Two new books are on the horizon for McGinness fans in addition to what sounds like a large scale installation at Deitch.

From the article in Paper about the upcoming projects of Ryan McGinness:

First up are two new tasty books for his product-hungry fans – No Sin/No Future (Ginko Press) and the bound, two-volume package, Aesthetic Comfort (Arkitip). Next comes the concurrent presentation of a major exhibition of his latest painting and sculptures at Deitch hProjects, and a volume of his hybridized graphi-art achievements taken from the past three years (Rizzoli) — both aptly titled Ryan McGinness Works. The Deitch exhibition includes a monumental mural grid of 45 individual panels, bent laser-cut acrylic sculptures, a stunning suite of seven color spectrum painting, the mesmeric black on black monochromes and a black-light installation that amps up his most eye-poking fluorescents to a psychedelic frenzy.

McGinness continues to push the experiential dimensions of installation while investigating the modular and serial dynamics of the multiple. “I choose the restriction of formalism to create a kind of design problem-solving in my art,” he admits, “but working on the computer where there is no original drawing and everything is infinitely scalable, reproducible and re-combinative, I’ve also become interested in the overlap between the production and reproduction of art.” If anyone can translate that overlap in visual terms, it’s McGinness.

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