Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Crafty Hedgehog

So I’m not joking when I say this but I’m terrified of frogs. I’m talking full-blown panic attack, ranidaphobia fear of frogs. Real frogs, pictures of frogs, statues of frogs - they all freak me out. The only frog that doesn’t scare the poop out of me is Kermit.

I blame my mother for my frog phobia. It’s kind of a long story but basically it involves her repeatedly buying tiny frogs for my childhood aquarium even though I cried and begged her not too. These things were like tiny little Houdinis, escaping from the tank and crawling all over me at night while I tried to sleep peacefully in bed.

Ok that last part about the bed never happened but you get the idea.

Although, one did try to sneak attack me and my childhood dog, Rags, one day while I was home alone. Poor Rags, she just stared at me while I stood on top of the couch screaming. I don’t even think she saw the thing hopping across the living room floor.

I think I actually dissected a frog in high school. I wonder now how I managed to get through that without having a nervous breakdown. I think it was the gloves and the fact that it was clearly dead.

This has a Kermit type effect on me. It’s such a cleaver idea and the knitting really takes the edge off.
It’s by The crafty hedgehog on Esty. She also has rats:
And this:
It’s basically a little knitted Halo. Props for having a tortie instead of a boring, normal colored cat. If I added a little tan knitted scarf and a ribbon coming out the butt it would be perfect.

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