Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iStock Logos

iStock has announced that logos will soon be available in their online collection. Clients will soon be able to download a unique logo to brand their business or organization. I don’t know how I feel about this... Yes, I could sell logos to iStock but will this cheapen the quality of logos used by certain business and eliminate the need for custom designs? As a designer, this may take clients from an already super-competitive field.

iStock’s point of view:
This is a huge opportunity not just for existing iStock contributors, but for our community of designers as well. If you’re a designer, you've probably created hundreds of different logos over the course of your career and we're offering you an outlet to start selling logos to the world’s largest community of creative buyers.

hmmmmm. Depends if you’re paying me more or less than a real client would. I’m still trying to decide what I think of all this. Probably a good thing for buyers, maybe not so good for designers. I’m curious to see what kind of logos will be available. To be continued.

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