Thursday, February 26, 2009

Famous, Talented, and Broke

Well this is quite shocking and sad...

Famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is broke. The woman who shot John Lennon on the same day that Mark David Chapman did, the one who has done portraits of everyone from Queen Elizabeth to a pregnant Demi Moore, has had to sign away the copyrights, negatives, and contracts for all her work to a high-class pawn shop. That includes everything she's going to shoot in the future. In return, she gets $15.5 million to pay her debts, given at an interest rate of between 6-to 16%.

Many press reports are tracing the
photog's money woes to 2004, when her partner Susan Sontag died and left her more properties and debt than she could handle. Certainly, the added financial pressure put her over the edge, and you have to wonder how things might have been different had Sontag and Leibovitz been granted the property rights and benefits that heterosexual couples get.

Read the full story click here.

Image from the Disney Dream Portrait Series project.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Erin Petson

Illustrations by Erin Petson.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dogs in Hats = Cute!!

These are from Beantown Handmade on Etsy.
I don't know what's cuter, this dog or the knitted pieces it's wearing. The first piece is called "The Blue Blossom Dog Hat" and second piece is called "The Shakespeare". (hence the stack of books).

I've been meaning to knit my cat a little necklace. She would never let me put stuff like this on her though. I would look like a cutter from all the scratches she'd inflict to my arms.

We also have a Boxer but somehow I don't think this looks the same on an 70lb beast. One day, I'll get a Boston and do torturous stuff like this to it too!

C. Dawn Davis

Images: Solde & Beribboned
(mixed media on vellum)

C. Dawn Davis creates figurative mixed-media paintings in which her female subjects, posed in elaborate costumes and sometimes wearing masks, gaze back mysteriously at the viewer. Often these figures are accompanied by birds or monkeys, creating an eerie, arresting effect. Painted in the tradition of classical paintings, Ms. Davis’s work is as astounding for its technical genius as it is for its fascinating subjects.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Annick Poirier

Annick Poirier describes her style as the sum of her past experiences and that of its values. Her style is modern yet the color palette gives it a vintage type vibe. Very nice online portfolio.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stay Golden

I think this would make Barbara Kruger proud.

Smoke on Paper

“Smokes” by Rob Tarbell. Very ethereal.

Smokes consist of images that are created by capturing smoke on paper as evidence of a transformation and preservation of the ephemeral. During the process, credit cards, grocery cards, gift cards, photos, and slides of my artwork are burned to remove their growing presence in daily life, an ironic nod to a self-help technique of burning sentimental things to remove their emotional burden.

The performing animal images in the Smokes parallel the drawing process. The trainer must recognize and respect the innate nature of an animal when trying to modify its behavior to achieve a desired outcome: e.g. training a bear to dance or training a horse to walk upright. The same is true in working with smoke. The inherent properties of smoke must be respected, then permitted to - and yet discouraged from - acting naturally.